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Palm Pattern Men's Swimwear Trunks

Palm Pattern Men's Swimwear Trunks

To choose the right blend for you of Men Board surf short Plain Swim Trunk, consider: The fit. Spandex blend swim trunks have a stretch to them. This allows the trunk to fit your body—minus the pinch or bind of tight fabrics. The wear. How well will the blend wear? Spandex and polyester blends...


Performance swimsuits are a whole different matter. Generally, the top-end racing suits are made from a Lycra and Polyamide blend to provide the most lightweight suit with the least resistance/drag in the water. They're finished with a water repellent coating to actively push water away from the surface of the suit and help the swimmer to 'cut' through the water at great speed. It's best to only buy a Performance swimsuit if you specifically need it for your competitive swimming events.  The suits tend to have a very short lifespan, they're designed to go very fast in the water, but the chlorine in the pool starts to break down the technologies in the suit faster than almost any other type of swimwear. Use your performance swimsuit sparingly and only on your most important races and you will feel the benefits. Never use performance swimwear for training sessions and always rinse it with fresh cold water straight after exiting the pool to get the most out of your competitive swimsuit.








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