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OEM Swim Beach Shorts

OEM Swim Beach Shorts

We are a professional supplier manufacturing swim trunks and boardshorts ONLY for more than 17 years. Hope to find a way to cooperate with you.


When you have your own printed pattern with customization. Scuba factory can do OEM/ODM swim trunks for you, with digital printing for small orders and water printing for large quantities.

So what is water printing technology? 

Water printing in clothing is also called water slurry printing. It is a process for dyeing a certain area of the fabric into the color required for the flower position. The main component is water, and the rest are binders, thickeners, and colors. , Emulsifier, etc. Water slurry printing does not feel strong on clothes and does not have strong covering power. It is only suitable for printing on light-colored fabrics and the price is relatively low. It is a lower-end printing type. Because it will not affect the original texture of the fabric, it is more suitable for large-area printing patterns.   

The obvious advantage of water printing is cost-saving, but it requires a high MOQ. Normally MOQ about 1000 meter fabric for one color from the fabric vendor which can do about 1500pcs trunks. If less than MOQ, then there will come out an extra $200 for the dyeing fee and a surcharge of $150 for the machine.

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