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Men's Swimwear

Men's Swimwear

We are one of the leading manufacturers of swim trunks and boardshorts. Scuba Garments earn a good reputation in the EU market, especially in Italy and Spain.


Welcome to visit Hangzhou Scuba Garments company web. Scuba supplies quality swim trunks, boardshorts, and casual shorts for men, women, and kids since 2004. Please contact us for more info.

What is the difference between beach pants and swimming trunks?


1. Beach pants


Beach pants are big pants made of quick-drying fabrics. Bring your own underwear, made of mesh material. The purpose is to ensure rapid drying after being wet. Mainly used for beach water, surfing, water sports such as motorboats, etc. It is a bit beautiful in color, loose, good-looking photos, and quick-drying materials. The disadvantage is that swimming is not good, especially breaststroke, legs kick back and forth, beach pants are easy to swim in the water, Affect the speed, swimming is not beautiful, the pants will float in the water.


2. Swimming trunks

Swimming trunks are mainly used for swimming in the swimming pool, swimming in the waves, characteristics, close-fitting, suitable for action, shortcomings, tightness, not conducive to other projects on the water, easy to wear, sand on the beach is not easy to get out, do not like to dry, take pictures Not beautiful, unless you are in good shape.

swim trunks

swimming trunks

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