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Digital Printing For Swim Beach Shorts

Digital Printing For Swim Beach Shorts

We are a professional supplier manufacturing swim trunks and boardshorts ONLY for more than 17 years. Hope to find a way to cooperate with you.


Digital printing for your own printed patterns? No problem, just send your designs in vector formats such as .ai, .eps, .psd, or .pdf, .jpg in high resolution to Neal@scubashorts.com.

Compared with water printing technology, digital printing is perfect for small orders for swim beach shorts with custom designs.

Digital printing is an inkjet on-demand, reducing the waste of chemicals and wastewater; ink-jetting has low noise, low energy consumption, quiet and clean, no environmental pollution, and realizes a green production process.

It breaks the defects of the traditional printing process and simplifies the cumbersome process. It shortens the traditional printing process, improves the order cycle, and reduces the cost of printing production and proofreading.

The color gamut is wide, the colors are bright and rich, and there are more than 10 million kinds, while traditional printing has only a few.

High precision, clear and delicate image. At present, the resolution of digital printing is as high as 1440dpi, while the resolution of the traditional printing process is only 255dpi.

Realize small batch production, not limited by production batch, and realize individualized production requirements.

Digital Printing For Swim Beach Shorts

1. At present, digital inkjet printing technology still has the problems of large equipment investment and high ink cost.

2. Due to the high cost of consumables, the price of digital printing is much higher than that of traditional printing.

3. The color accuracy of digital printing is worse than traditional printing. Digital printing is a CMYK mixed color printing. All colors are mixed with four-color inks. A little external effect such as ink differences, print head differences, and small changes in the printing process environment will affect the mixed series. The accuracy of the color.

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