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Men's Swimwear Quick Dry

Men's Swimwear Quick Dry

We are one of the leading manufacturers of swim trunks and boardshorts. Scuba Garments earn a good reputation in the EU market, especially in Italy and Spain.


Welcome to visit Hangzhou Scuba Garments company web. Scuba supplies quality swim trunks, boardshorts, and casual shorts for men, women, and kids since 2004. Please contact us for more info.

What kinds of material are suitable for swim beach trunks?

Beach pants, as the name implies, are pants worn on the beach. Generally, they require comfortable fabrics, good moisture absorption, and good air permeability. The commonly used fabrics for beach pants include cotton fabrics, cotton-polyester blended fabrics, stretch cotton fabrics, jersey fabrics, etc., general poplin, Lightweight and thin fabrics such as plain and twill fabrics are very suitable for the production of beach pants. The main requirements for beach pants fabrics are:


1. The fabric does not absorb water, and good beach pants are not very absorbent. Even if they are soaked in water, the water will run away quickly after landing, and will not stay in the pants, so that the trousers are full of water.


2. Quick-drying, the professional beach pants fabric can be dried out quickly after landing, so it is convenient.


3. There is a fiber inner mesh pocket trouser pocket, and the bottom of the trouser pocket has a small hole embedded with a metal ring. This design is to facilitate the seawater and sand flowing into the trouser pocket to flow away from the metal small hole.


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