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Men's Swimming Trunks Fabric Selection

The biggest feature of spandex fabric is that it has excellent elasticity. When swimming, spandex fabric can stretch freely with body movement. Even if the temperature is low, it is most suitable for use in low temperature water or swimming. Elasticity is still very good, secondly because it has a good function of maintaining body temperature.

Nylon fabric is a blend of artificial fibers and natural fibers. It has good softness, toughness and durability, but its elasticity is not as good as that of spandex fabrics. It is easy to fold and sag when it gets wet.

Polyester fabric Polyester fabric is not good in elasticity, and the limbs will be restricted during exercise. Therefore, polyester fabric is generally used for the production of men's swimming trunks and swimwear with a relatively small area. Due to its shortcomings, its price It is very inexpensive, and it is rarely used alone to make men's swimming trunks.

Dec 03, 2020

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