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How To Choose The Right Men's Swimming Trunks

Buy bai swimming men’s swimming trunks with a rope to tie the waist, it is best not to buy triangles, because the triangle swimming men’s swimming trunks have a large resistance to water, you may take off your men’s swimming trunks when you swim, buy ones that can match you The skin is close to each other, not whether the material is good or not, but resistance.

People with a lower abdomen — in order to cover your belly, the style of a high-waisted wide-brimmed belt is a good choice.People with darker skin-avoid wearing brown or yellow men's swimming trunks, so as not to look dirty.People with wide hips — dark four-legged flat pants.People with collapsed hips — bright or fluorescent colors with horizontal stripes can modify the lack of hip shape.

Dec 09, 2020

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