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Women's swimming trunks exposed skin design

Key points: slightly tilted skirt and boxer shorts. You can also add a scarf to the women's swimming trunks, which helps to cover the shortcomings of large hips and thick legs.

3. H-shaped figure: The figure is already flat, and then it becomes more "clear soup noodles" with simple women's swimming trunks. Use uniquely designed women's swimming trunks to increase the level of beauty of the body, which can make you mysterious and sexy.

Bikini is a good choice, it can highlight the beauty of the lines, making the waist and legs look more slender. But the colors should be plain, try to avoid choosing styles with bright colors and exaggerated patterns. Of course, although this kind of eye-catching style can make the figure look fuller, it fails to make the figure look slender.

Key points: the use of transparent materials and a layered skin-exposing design.

Dec 10, 2020

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