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The swimsuit is only used for swimming and it is out! These ins style swimsuits are not expensive and high in value

Do you still have only one swimsuit in the summer? Nowadays swimsuits no longer have the functional equipment that can only swim. Whether you go to the beach or go to the hot springs, you must prepare several different styles of swimsuits in advance to go to the town!

All velvet, knitted, bikini, ruffled, etc. elements should be prepared, and the colors should be diversified. This year's popular avocado green, thin black, sexy red, and last year's popular persimmon color, show white The ginger-yellow color and the beautiful white color ensure that you can become the most beautiful girl on the entire beach.

Therefore, considering the different scenes, different straw hats and different earrings, it is unreasonable to have only one swimsuit in the summer. Here are 4 ins style swimsuits that get the camera on and off the beach want to squeeze into your vacation suitcase!


One-piece swimsuits are the most common and common one. Others say that one-piece swimsuits can be used to cover the flesh and look thin. In the editor's opinion, one-piece swimsuits are the most body-testing swimsuit.

If you want to look thin and cover your flesh when you wear a one-piece swimsuit, you should choose a hollow style or a lace style. The three-dimensional tailoring can modify the figure, and the perspective effect can also increase the sexy.

You can also choose a swimsuit with a hollow waist, so that the waist design is visually thinner.


With the popularity of retro and small fresh styles, swimsuits have also opened up a multi-element style. Retro stripes and polka dot elements, small and fresh Morandi color, led to the emergence of a new term for swimwear-fashion swimwear, the design is fashionable and avant-garde.

The split swimsuit is no longer only a bikini. Of course, those with a vest line can still choose a bikini without pressure.

With a slightly convex lower abdomen, you can choose a high-waisted swimsuit. This design has successfully weakened the abdomen line and has become a must-have for the beach concave shape.

But the split swimsuit is not suitable for girls with a round body. No matter how the high waist restrains the lower abdomen, the fat will be there, and it will not increase or decrease. (The editor covers his face and cries bitterly)


In addition to basic fabric swimsuits, knitted fabric swimsuits and crochet swimsuits are also essential in vacation luggage. At present, this kind of traditional woven fabric swimsuit has become a trend in swimsuits. If it is only used as a single product for posing for photos, then this kind of swimsuit is definitely the best choice.

If the knitted swimsuit is to be launched into the water, it is necessary to choose a one-piece design. The split may involve problems such as excessive water absorption and cause it to run out.

In addition, the knitted fabric has the characteristics of a certain thickness, so that the swimsuit will not tightly cling to the body and make people feel more comfortable.

There is also a crochet swimsuit. The handmade crochet design brings a casual and free bohemian style, with a retro-style playful sense, forming a unique style.


Bikini is always the sexy trump card, no beach can lack bikini.

If you feel too exposed, you can wear a hollow outer shirt, which can not only protect against sun, but also increase the sense of mystery.

Nov 20, 2021

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