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The effect of women's swimming trunks

B-shaped figure: Thin waist and hip width are the most typical body shape of oriental girls. If you want to modify this body shape, you can try skirt-style swim trunks and split-type swim trunks, both of which can receive different results. The hem of the skirt-style women's swimming trunks can play a covering role, but it should be noted that the width of the skirt is too tight to have the opposite effect.

Due to the split in the middle of the split women's swimming trunks, the contrast between the waist and the crotch is weakened, thereby accentuating the thin waist and reducing people's attention to the wide crotch. If the buttocks are plump, you should choose flat-footed or short-skirt women's swimming trunks, with a more exaggerated pattern on the upper body, which can effectively cover the fat buttocks. Because exaggerated patterns can divert eyesight, shorts or short skirts can effectively hide the plump buttocks and play a modified effect.

Dec 09, 2020

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