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The breath of summer, how to wear beach pants out of accent

How a man wears on the beach has the most accent, the definition of each period is different. Looking through history, the earliest men’s bathing suits came from bathing. For most of human history, bathing time, nonsense, bathing is of course naked. The problem is that most bathing places in Europe are in public places, such as a small river or lake. So at the end of the 19th century, some places in Britain required men to wear pants and vests when bathing in public. In fact, until 1906, men were bathing naked in Hyde Park in London.

Men’s bathing suits in the 1880s. At that time, most bathing suits had sleeves, similar to T-shirts. ⬇︎


Men’s swimsuits in the 1910s did not officially disappear until the 1920s. ⬇︎


The regulations for bathing increased the demand for swimwear. In 1912, Bentz Knitting Mills began to produce swimwear. Therefore, the first swimsuit was knitted wool, because wool can stretch better and is better than cotton. Less water absorption. Later, rubber was occasionally used to make swimwear, until the invention of nylon in 1938 and it was widely used in the production of swimsuits.

(Note: Nylon was invented in 1935 and only officially entered the commercial market in 1938)

Tanned skin was considered fashionable in the 1930s, and it was popular for a while, when men’s swimsuits were officially turned into swimming trunks. ⬇︎


Due to the lack of supplies during World War II, men's swimming trunks were relatively short at that time. ⬇︎


After World War II, the growing middle class began to have higher requirements for swimsuit styles and fabrics. In 1960, the Australian swimwear brand Speedo launched swimming briefs similar to underwear (swimming briefs) and was a big success. The 1970s was the era of hippies, and swimming trunks were characterized by bright colors. ⬇︎


In the 1990s, long and wide baggy shorts became popular, especially in the United States. They have almost become the standard equipment for American men on the beach until now.

The picture shows the swimming trunks released by Abercrombie Fitch in the 1990s, which are no different from the ones that are popular now. ⬇︎

The history of men’s swimwear (there should only be swimming trunks now, hereinafter referred to as swim trunks) is roughly the same. In fact, men’s swim trunks are mainly used in two categories. The first is swimming in swimming pools and even competitions. For swimming, underwear styles are the main style for swimming, in order to reduce resistance. Generally, they are designed to be relatively small, and triangle styles are mostly. Of course, many competitions nowadays are conjoined high-tech shark skin swimsuits. Brands are mainly Speedo in Australia or Arena in France, which is not the content of this article. ⬇︎

The second type of swimming trunks on the beach, the main function is to play in the water, including swimming, surfing, windsurfing and other marine sports. The requirement is not only to be able to get into the water, but also to look good on the beach. After swimming, it is possible to turn around and enter a bar or restaurant, so it must be worn as daily pants for vacation. At this time, those tight-fitting panties, even bikini-style swimming trunks, are not very suitable and not elegant. It may be better in Europe. If it is on a beach in the United States, such as California or Miami, people may laugh to death. ⬇︎


Of course, it's a different matter if you want to show your muscles or show coquettish, such as Kim Kelly. ⬇︎


There are mainly two types of men's beach swimming trunks, which are distinguished by the way that they don't let their pants fall. The first is a rope-drawing type, which is tightened by the rope to prevent the pants from falling down. This style is more casual, more relaxed and suitable for sports.

Oct 29, 2021

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