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Swimming trunks are mainly divided into the following styles

Swimming trunks are mainly divided into the following styles

1. Swimming briefs

Because the area of the fabric in contact with the water is relatively small, the swimming briefs have less resistance in the water, and they are more uncomfortable to wear, so they are generally worn by professional swimmers. But it will be more tight and will reduce the comfort.

2. Boxer swimming trunks

Boxer swimming trunks are the most common swimming trunks in the swimming pool. They are the most comfortable to wear, but because they are loose and comfortable, there is greater resistance in the water.

3. Knee-length swimming trunks

Knee-length swimming trunks will be tighter to wear. If the thigh muscles are larger, it will be tighter, so water is less likely to enter the water, and the resistance will be lower than that of boxer trunks. It can be seen that many swimmers wear knee-length swimming trunks in competitions, but those swimming trunks are professional competitive swimming trunks, which reduce resistance in the water through advanced materials.

4. One-piece swimming trunks

Most men will not choose this kind of swimming trunks unless they are really shy. Of course, the high-tech shark skin swimsuits of the past, which were used for competitive competitions, are now banned.

Sep 02, 2021

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