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Is it okay for little boys to wear swimming trunks? Do children need to wear tops for swimming?

Is it okay for little boys to wear swimming trunks? Do children need to wear tops for swimming?


Swimming is an aerobic exercise suitable for all ages. Swimming for children is very good for their physical development and health, and it is also a very necessary survival skill. Swimsuits must be worn when swimming, so is it okay for little boys to wear swimming trunks when swimming? Do you want to wear a shirt?


Whether children should wear a swimsuit or not depends on their age. Generally speaking, infants and toddlers who swim in a baby swimming pool are about 0-2 years old. They don’t need to wear a swimsuit, mainly because they are too young. It is also very fragile, so it is not suitable to wear a swimsuit, otherwise it will easily cause skin allergies. In addition, the baby swimming pool is basically a swimming pool for a child, and the water is changed immediately after swimming, which is relatively clean and hygienic.

Children over 3 years old are advised to wear swimsuits when swimming. Children at this age have already gone to kindergarten and have a clear definition of gender. Therefore, in order to cultivate children's awareness of protecting private parts from an early age, it is best to let children wear swimsuits. Secondly, at this age, you can only swim in public swimming pools. There are more people in public swimming pools, and the water is not changed every day. The sanitary conditions are not very good. Therefore, in order to prevent bacterial infections, children are also recommended to wear swimsuits. Boys should generally wear swimming trunks, while tops can be worn or not. If the skin is more prone to allergies, it is recommended to wear tops as well, and girls should wear them both up and down.

Sep 08, 2021

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