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How to choose the right swimsuit style

How to choose the right swimsuit style?

Such hot weather makes people think of diving into the swimming pool and being a free fish. When it comes to swimming, swimsuits are a very important part. And how can you choose a swimsuit that suits your body shape according to your body shape, and play a role in maximizing your strengths and avoiding weaknesses?

1. Flat-chested girls Flat-chested girls

Girls with flat breasts can choose to decorate the chest with lotus leaves, bows and other decorations. Let these decorations cover your flat chest. Open-back split swimsuit Open-back split swimsuit is also a good choice. This kind of swimsuit has a higher collar and is naturally not easy to see. But this kind of swimsuit tends to appear shoulder-width and thick-arms, so if you have a girl with wide-shoulder and thick arms, remember to avoid it.

2. Strong arms

Girls with strong arms can choose swimsuits with sleeves as much as possible, so that they can not only cover the fat on the arms, but also expose only the other slender parts of the body.

3. Thick legs

 Many people have headaches when they think of their stubby legs, and then they think about how to cover their legs. Stubby legs actually don't need to be covered sometimes, like a one-piece swimsuit with high slits is very useful. A swimsuit with a high slit will lengthen the legs. Looking at Doudou, people feel that their legs are growing out of the sky.

4. Shoulder width

Girls with shoulder widths tend to look fat if they don't pay attention, and they look big and round. Immediately reduced the girlishness.

shoulder width

To avoid shoulder width, you can choose a V-neck swimsuit. The comparison in the above picture is enough to see the gap. Of course, more conservative girls don't have to choose such a deep v-neck in the picture. You can choose according to your acceptance.

5.Has a belly

Many girls have small stomachs and dare not wear swimsuits.

Girl with bell

At this time, you can choose a high-waist style split swimsuit, which can not only cover the small belly well, but also lengthen the legs and make the proportions better. In addition, you can also choose a one-piece swimsuit and make some decorations on the waist. The effect is very good.

Sep 08, 2021

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