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How to choose ladies swimwear

How to choose ladies swimwear?


Common swimwear fabrics are warp knitted fabrics, and some weft knitted fabrics or woven fabrics are also available. Among them, the common fiber components are nylon, polyester fiber, spandex, etc. Because swimwear requires a strong fit, more spandex yarn is added to the fabric, and the product elasticity mainly comes from the high elasticity of spandex yarn.


Since the gravity of water has a certain drape and drag effect on swimwear, people need to buy swimwear that is slightly tighter, comfortable and free to move. Therefore, there are two important indicators when testing swimwear products: tensile elastic elongation, resistance Chlorinated water (swimming pool water) stretch elastic recovery rate. If these two indicators are unqualified, it is easy to wear out and the product is easy to deform.

Color fastness

If people wear colorful swimsuits after entering the water, but the color is severely faded, and the sea water and swimming pool water become colorful, it will be embarrassing and embarrassing to fill the picture by themselves.

Therefore, swimwear products have two important indicators for color fastness: color fastness to sea water and color fastness to chlorinated water (swimming pool water). Color fastness to seawater: refers to the ability of the color of textiles to resist seawater immersion. Color fastness to chlorinated water (swimming pool water): refers to the resistance of the color of textiles to immersion in effective chlorine at the concentration of disinfectant swimming pool water.

When shopping for swimsuits, you can check whether the labeling is complete and standardized, that is, company name and address, product name, size and specifications, fiber content, implementation standards, safety categories, washing and maintenance methods, whether these information is complete, try to choose formal channels to buy.

Sep 02, 2021

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