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How to buy swimming trunks

How to buy swimming trunks

How to choose men's swimming trunks

Swim trunks are mainly divided into two categories: triangles and angles, which are very popular at present. You should choose the style according to your personal preference.

Second, waist height

It can be roughly divided into 4 types:

(1) High waist: usually designed as boxer swimming trunks, which are now almost eliminated, so there are not many on the market.

(2). Normal waist: boxer triangles are available. There are more swimming trunks like this, and they are usually the popular choice, but I think it is more suitable for boxer swimming trunks.

(3) Low waist: Most of the designs are triangles, because the briefs are designed with low waist to look better than the normal waist, and there are also flat angles, but the swimming trunks are very wide and unsightly. Low-waist swimming trunks are presenting a popular trend, and they are gradually overshadowing normal-waist swimming trunks, because triangles are becoming more and more popular.

(4) Ultra-low waist: usually refers to the brief swimming trunks with a little crevice. This kind of swimming trunks is more suitable for open-minded people, because it

It can be described as sexy once, but it is not the mainstream of the masses. After all, some people will say that it is abnormal.

Three, color

The swimming trunks are mostly dark blue and black. But nowadays, light-toned swimming trunks are becoming more and more popular, such as green, yellow, sky blue, etc., but they will also attract some controversy, especially in white swimming trunks. Many people dare not wear white swimming trunks. I don't think this is necessary at all, as long as the color is up to personal preference!

Fourth, the waist

There are 4 ways to tie waist:

(1) No waistband measures: This kind of swimming trunks has basically disappeared, because swimming trunks without elastic bands and no ropes are easy to fall off, and they are not safe to walk, let alone the impact of water waves after entering the water. Unless you have very close-fitting swimming trunks, you can have no waistband measures, but for safety reasons, don't wear such swimming trunks.

(2) Only elastic band: There are many such swimming trunks, but you must choose the degree of elasticity when buying. Because the purchase is loose, it can't be tighter, and it's easy to fall off. I'm uncomfortable after buying tight. But remind everyone that elastic bands tend to age, lose their elasticity, and become loose when exposed to water for a long time.

Note: If you custom-made swimming trunks, sometimes you can determine the tightness of the swimming trunks according to your preferences. I suggest to choose "loose" because the loose is actually suitable for people's comfort level, and it is not easy to fall (except for diving, if you dive, you should choose normal or tighter, otherwise you are willing to fall, the impact is too large). I don't recommend choosing "very loose" unless you are very fat. I have ordered this kind of swimming trunks before, but I walked down. I had to put a belt on myself and it was much better.

(3) Only trousers rope: The advantage is that the elasticity can be adjusted, and it is not easy to age like elastic bands, but this kind of swimming trunks is rare, and it is about to be eliminated, and there may still be shortcomings.

(4) Both elastic band and trouser rope: it can be said that the properties of the two are compatible, and the safety factor is the highest. As a result, it has become the mainstream of today, and I personally recommend it.

Five, other

(1) Do not use underwear as a swimsuit for swimming, because the fabric of underwear is mostly pure cotton, which is easy to absorb water after entering the water, causing the underwear to be very heavy. In addition, the underwear is relatively loose, which is very unsafe. And light-colored underwear is easier to see through.

(2) Try not to wear swimming trunks as underwear. Swimming trunks are not breathable and do not absorb sweat, which is very detrimental to health.

(3). In addition, when buying swimming trunks, pay attention to the thread and the interface between the fabric and the fabric to avoid opening the thread or breaking the fabric.

Buy swimming trunks with a rope to tie the waist. It is best not to buy triangles, because the triangle swimming trunks have a large resistance to water, you may take off your swimming trunks when swimming, and buy ones that can stick to your skin tightly. , It is not a question of whether the material is good or not, but a question of resistance.

People with lower abdomen—In order to cover your belly, a high-waisted wide-brim belt style is a good choice.

People with darker skin-avoid wearing brown or yellow swimming trunks, so as not to look dirty.

People with large hips-dark four-legged flat pants.

People with collapsed buttocks-bright or fluorescent colors with horizontal stripes can modify the lack of hip shape.

People with longer upper body and shorter lower body-suitable for high-waist briefs! Try not to wear four-legged swimming trunks, the legs will look shorter.

Short people-straight striped swimming trunks in bright colors can help you "stretch" your body.

Those who want to make their legs look longer-low-rise and slit briefs.

Slim people—suitable for swimming trunks with bright colors and rich patterns.

People with a strong body-basically all styles are suitable for you, but the retro one-piece swimsuit is a personal choice!

Don't wear flat-angled ones with stubby legs. Triangular ones are more suitable.

If you have a good figure, it doesn't matter what type you like, it depends on your preference.

The other thing is that the materials should be good, don't try to buy the kind of street stalls cheaply. It’s best to buy branded ones. You don’t want your swimming trunks to fall out of transparency or looseness when you come out of the swimming pool, right?

The other thing is that the size should be appropriate.

In addition, light-colored swimming trunks are easier to penetrate, unless the quality is good, some swimming pools are not allowed to wear white swimming trunks.

Sep 25, 2021

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