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How to buy boy swimming trunks for your baby

1. Fit is the most important

It is necessary to choose suitable boys' swimming trunks for the baby. Too tight or too loose is not conducive to the baby's movement in the water. When choosing boys' swimming trunks for the baby. You can stretch the swimming trunks for boys for several times. If they still return to the original shape, it means that the resilience is good. At the same time, with a good feel, it means that they are relatively high-quality swimming trunks for boys.

2. Good material

When buying boys’ swimming trunks for your children, you must choose the material. At present, the material of swimwear on the market is mainly spandex. The international standard for spandex yarn is about 18%. The better boys' swimming trunks must be up to The content of 18% spandex. Generally, boys’ swimming trunks sold on the beach are made of poorer materials and more expensive, and may cause damage to the baby’s skin! Therefore, a shrewd mother must choose the boy's swimming trunks for the baby. In some clothing markets and supermarkets, many boys' swimming trunks do not indicate the fabric composition. Try not to buy such boys' swimming trunks for babies.

Dec 17, 2020

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