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Color matching of women's swimming trunks

The upper body is too narrow: choose the shoulder style to highlight the collarbone and horizontal shoulder.Key point: Choose Halter-neck hanging neck or single shoulder straps or low-cut off-shoulder styles, which will make the shoulders on both sides look a little wider.

5. Thicker lower body: For ladies with thick waists and lack of lines, no matter what style of swim trunks you wear, you only need to know the color matching to get the effect of narrowing the waist lines. A women's swimming trunks with different colors or patterns on the upper and lower body is the best match, which can effectively highlight the contour of the waist and make the curve more exquisite. You can also choose to wear a three-point or two-piece head to shift the visual focus to the up and down position, so the waist looks a little slender.

Women with strong legs like players may wish to wear some high-cut women's swimming trunks. Although this will fully expose the legs, it will visually make the legs look slender and make the lines more beautiful, or wear the style with thin straps on both sides of the pants, which will also make the legs It seems longer.

Key point: Don't wear single-color one-piece swim shorts. Patterns on the waist can distract your eyes. Avoid wearing flat feet or shorts-shaped styles, the legs will appear shorter.

Dec 11, 2020

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