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2020/2021 Spring/Summer Swimwear Trend Guide

In the midsummer of July, sun, beach, and waves are indispensable. Swimsuits have naturally become essential equipment. With the changes in consumer psychology and the improvement of living standards, the underwear industry has undergone a huge turning point. Swimwear has gradually become a new fashion, and the design also pursues more beauty and texture. If you want to know how to choose summer swimwear, come and listen to the recommended guides from professionals in China Textile City.

At present, swimwear on the market is mainly divided into one-piece, split and bikini. From animal prints, tropical flowers to color matching stitching, they have been very popular in the past two years. When it comes to swimwear, one has to talk about the fabrics used in swimwear. The quality of the fabric is very important for us to wear, especially swimming.

Summer Swimwear Trend Guide

According to the person in charge, swimsuits are generally divided into three types

Market: DuPont Lycra, nylon and polyester fabrics. "Polyester fabrics are cheap, but their elasticity is relatively small, so they are not suitable for one-piece swimsuits. Nylon fabrics are currently the most commonly used swimsuits on the market. They have good elasticity and softness and are at a mid-range price. Longer and longer than other materials, suitable for one-piece swimsuits. "The person in charge also said that because swimsuits are used in water, the requirements for fabrics are higher. "It is recommended that you look at the composition of spandex when choosing a swimsuit. Swimsuits with a content of more than 15% can stretch freely with the body and are suitable for sports. It is estimated that only less than 10% of the time can be worn a few times. "

It is reported that most of the fabrics displayed in the store are plain swimsuit fabrics, which will be printed and dyed or other processes added according to customer needs. A person in charge of the printing department of a company said: "According to my observation, nylon fabrics with patterns of coconut trees, beaches, tropical fruits, etc. are more common here and should be used to make swimwear. Customers can choose rotary nets or flat nets. Machine-made, The pattern of the flat screen machine is more three-dimensional, but the output is relatively low, only half of that of the rotary screen machine."

After learning about swimwear fabrics, the reporter went to Varan to learn about swimwear styles for the next two years. The designer told reporters, “Reducing marine pollution has become the focus of attention now. Picking up shells on the beach is one of the themes of this year’s swimwear. We use a variety of marine creatures and shells to decorate our swimsuits. The colorful, extra-large style patterns can be Create a playful and fashionable style and inject personality into the minimalist silhouette."

Summer Swimwear Trend Guide

For the swimsuit printing in the spring and summer of 2021, Varan designers also have their own opinions. She said: "From the extremely complex tropical prints to the eye-catching daisies, the rich colors are emphasized. The mix and match design techniques and the use of stitching make the eye-catching swimwear more prominent. Tropical prints are still the most important. With swimsuit printing as the theme, the future tropical printing emphasizes the application of super bright colors and intricate pattern details to create an exotic swimsuit style. Retro daisies participate in swimsuit printing with significant importance, and nostalgia is the focus of the design."

In recent years, the sales volume of the swimwear market has increased year by year, which is closely related to the changes in public consumption habits. You can also buy one swimsuit from three years and three swimsuits a year. Young people like to vacation, and there is a market for swimwear.

Summer Swimwear Trend Guide

Sep 17, 2021

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